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5 Common Cyber Security Threats an IT Company in Orlando Can Help You Fight

Whether you are running a multinational organization or a small shop, cybercrime is always looming in the shadows around your business. According to a study published by Accenture, the average number of security breaches in 2019 was 145, which was an 11% increase from 2018 – and a 67% increase in the last five years.…
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Is your IT Stealing Your Staffs Time-banner

Is Your IT Stealing Your Staff’s Time?

At some point in the last six months, maybe you’ve been on a Zoom call or chatting away in Microsoft Teams. And you’ve wondered what would have happened if Covid had come along in the 1980s or even 1990s.     Let’s be honest… the world would have totally shut down. The business would have completely ground…
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3 Ways to Avoid WFH Burnout-banner

3 Ways To Avoid WFH Burnout

The lines between work and non-work have blurred for so many people. For those who are still working from home (WFH), they may now be in their sixth consecutive month where there’s little balance between what they do professionally, and personally. Because when the work is sitting there in your personal space, it’s far too…
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This Is Now The Biggest Crime Risk To Your Business-banner

This Is Now The Biggest Crime Risk To Your Business

If someone asked you to take a wild guess at the world’s biggest crime, what do you think? Burglary maybe? Common assault? Or perhaps you might take a more humorous approach and suggest man buns or women with ridiculous eyebrows? Well, you might be surprised (and a little concerned) to find out that the most…
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A Love Letter To Microsoft Teams-banner

A Love Letter To Microsoft Teams

We’re massive fans of Microsoft Teams, and believe it has huge advantages for most of the businesses that we support. We all know that successful businesses have great teamwork.  And with everything that’s happened over the last couple of months. Teams have been the number one app to keep everyone working together. Microsoft brought it…
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