Chances are good that it’s LAN Masters! We offer everything for discerning, web-savvy businesses looking for the most secure data backups, disaster avoidance strategies, and maximum accessibility they can get with their cloud computing services in Orlando FL.

What kind of cloud security guarantees or standards do you maintain?

LAN Masters takes both internet and cyber security very seriously. We are a cloud services company that views each client relationship as a partnership. And as such, we’re here to help you succeed by managing your cloud computing needs governed by the most secure, up-to-date standards.

Do you provide consistent connectivity in your hosted cloud?

Our Orlando cloud services allow you and your customers or employees to interact and access cloud data anywhere there is an internet connection. We guarantee max uptime and connectivity “frequency” barring acts of God or other anomaly.

This means your employees have a safe and secure way to work while mobile. And, this means that your customers can securely log into your business portal consistently and do business with you wherever they are.

How, specifically, can your cloud services help my business thrive and grow?

Our cloud computing services will help your business thrive for many reasons. One is that you will be able to minimize disruptions to your business cycle. And, with products such as eFolder, you can recover your lost data in just a few seconds.

The eFolder suite of products (e.g. Cloudfinder and DoubleCheck) also meet the high security and data protection standards imposed by government agencies, banks, and large corporations (Read: compliance audit readiness).

Will your cloud service products help us optimize our own customer service relationships?

Absolutely! In terms of customer service and customer relationships, these products help you convey a sense of trust and security to your customers – and especially to new customers. In today’s competitive marketplace, that assurance can be enough to win new business over from skeptics or those customers who will migrate to you because you can offer them this assurance.

Sounds great! When can we get started with you as our Orlando cloud consultants?

Right away! Just give us a call at (407) 409-7519 or email us at and we’ll perform a quick evaluation toward getting you set up with the best cloud computing services in Orlando to protect your business data!

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