Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter decided to team up with LAN Masters because of their expertise and proactive approach. LAN Masters professionally manages and monitors their IT system, ensuring it is always in optimal condition.

Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter is a civil litigation firm that serves clients in Central and North Florida from their main offices in Orlando, Florida. CGWC employs 14 lawyers and 35 support staff who are heavily reliant on IT for their day-to-day business.

Legal IT Services

“Our employees are dependent on computers that interface with our case management software,” says CGWC’s Melvin B. Wright. “If our computers, servers, and software are not working seamlessly and rapidly, it reduces productivity.  A crash of the system eliminates production entirely.”

When CGWC first opened their law firm they were experiencing some IT issues that affected their staff’s ability to maximize performance.

“We were continually having problems with our email and case management software. That hurt productivity at a critical time,” explains Wright.

They decided to bring in an expert managed service provider to make the most of their technology and to ensure that their infrastructure would be an asset rather than an obstacle.

“We learned quickly that IT for a law firm our size was not a ‘do it yourself’ project,” says Wright. “Having the right IT company making sure our systems are working at all times is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity to our survival as a business.”

The Situation – Civil litigation firm requires a fully integrated and productive IT network.

CGWC met with LAN Masters through mutual contacts and decided to partner with them after seeing their knowledge and experience firsthand.

“We took a chance and we have never looked back,” says Wright. “LAN Masters always jumps right on any problem and solves it quickly.”

CGWC was working with an older server that was slow and made it difficult for the staff to maximize their workload. LAN Masters migrated CGWC to a top-of-the-line Microsoft based RAID 10 server solution which increased performance, reliability and data safety. LAN Masters completed the server migration over a single weekend providing CGWC with an instant boost to productivity with zero downtime.

The Solution – Partnering with LAN Masters for proactive IT upgrades and expert system management.

LAN Masters proactively manages and monitors CGWC’s IT infrastructure to ensure they are operating at optimal levels and that any possible issues are dealt with efficiently.

“The most important thing LAN Masters does for us is to stay ahead of any problems,” says Wright. “They prevent problems before they occur by staying up to speed on our regular maintenance and letting us know ahead of time when it’s time to replace or update a piece of equipment critical to our system.”

LAN Masters continues to provide day-to-day IT management and support to CGWC with vital services such as:

  • Network Health Monitoring – LAN Masters monitors all servers, desktops, and laptops to ensure that all equipment is operating correctly.
  • Security Services – Industry-leading Firewall, Antivirus, and Security Suite keeps their network safe from external threats.
  • Data Backup and Recovery – Fully monitored Local and Cloud-Based backup services provide a full recovery solution in case of any catastrophic event.

CGWC recommends LAN Masters without reservation to their colleagues and other businesses.

“They have been far superior to any IT support we’ve utilized in the past.  We have been using them for about ten years.  You don’t stay with a company that long unless they excel at their job,” says Wright. “LAN Masters excels and exceeds our expectations each and every year.”

LAN Masters is a trusted IT partner dedicated to ensuring the continuity of their clients’ businesses. Contact us right away at (407) 409-7519 or to benefit from our world-class service and support.

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