Is your Orlando home or business looking for an Orlando computer repair company offering service, sales, and technical assistance? Are you looking for Computer Voodoo in Orlando?

Computer Voodoo is a fantastic company.

But if you have been looking for Computer Voodoo in Orlando, let us introduce you to an option you may not have thought about yet.

LAN Masters is an IT support company specially built to deliver high-impact IT services to companies just like yours!

What Is The Difference Between Computer Voodoo And LAN Masters?

While both companies are outstanding at what they do, they are very different in their business model.

Computer Voodoo is a fantastic company with great people that focus on the on-demand needs of residential, home-business, and small business clients. If your computer breaks down, you can take it to them, and they’ll gladly repair it or give you advice on getting another machine. They’ll even make house calls!

LAN Masters is different.

While LAN Masters does work with some residential clients, we are a Managed IT Services provider that works primarily with small to mid-size businesses to provide them with a safe, stable, seamless IT environment for their internal processes.

Don’t let the term “Managed IT Services” scare you though.

It means that LAN Masters will take care of all your computer, server, network, and mobile support needs for one, simple monthly payment.

The LAN Masters model is built to put the IT support personnel on your side.

How does that work?

Well, because LAN Masters works on a flat-rate monthly fee, they are most profitable when your systems are humming along, and you can get your work done.

To give you that highly-productive IT environment, LAN Masters engages in rigorous, proactive IT maintenance and performance monitoring protocols to ensure maximum uptime for you and your business.

If You’re Looking For Computer Voodoo In Orlando, You’re Probably On The Hunt For Someone To Fix A Computer Problem.

Computer issues can disrupt your employees’ workflow and cause you to lose productivity and revenue.

That’s just not acceptable.

The LAN Masters team’s managed IT approach will get your computers functioning appropriately and keep them running each day so your company can get the most out of your IT systems.

Sure, if you’re looking for Computer Voodoo in Orlando, maybe you’re looking for a quick fix for your computer and be on your way.

If that’s the case, the Computer Voodoo team is more than qualified and capable to take care of you.

But if you want to optimize your entire IT system – including your computer – to achieve the best ROI from your business technology investment, then give LAN Masters a call now at (407) 409-7519.

People Looking For Computer Help Are Often Thinking About The Security Of Their Computer Systems.

Is that you?

Do you think that your business or home computer might have a virus?

Maybe you’re afraid that your employees will allow malware to infect your IT systems.

Or, you just want to ensure that the ransomware that you keep hearing about doesn’t affect your business.

Whatever cybersecurity concern you were thinking about talking to the team at Computer Voodoo in Orlando about, LAN Masters can handle — and more.

You see, LAN Masters focus isn’t setting up firewalls and putting antivirus on your computer.

Sure, we do that.

But what we excel at is developing an IT security strategy that encompasses the entire scope of business-class protective measures.

We do it through a strict regimen of cybersecurity maintenance protocols in tandem with 24/7 IT security monitoring and response to alerts.

Maybe You’re Looking For Computer Voodoo In Orlando Because Your Computer, Server, Or Cloud Storage Has Hit Max Capacity, And You’re Looking For The Next Step.

A lot of businesses hit this wall.

There comes a time in business growth where a company has to shift from simple, stop-gap IT solutions and move to more complex, business-class IT hardware, services, and support.

LAN Masters in Sanford, FL is the IT support company that businesses like yours turn to when their business technology assets become too limited for their growing computing requirements.

LAN Masters offers cloud consulting and a variety of data backup and recovery options.

Best of all, the LAN Masters team doesn’t just set up cloud assets or data backup systems and then walk away. They continue to manage, maintain and monitor these systems to ensure that they are working appropriately and meeting the goals you have for your business.

But here’s the question.

How are you going to use your technology?

Is it working efficiently and are your employees able to get the most done in the least amount of time?

These are important questions.

IT Professionals That Excel In Technology Consulting Will Get You Answers To Your Questions.

IT consulting is the practice of giving business leaders the data and insight that they need to make the consequential business decisions that they need to make.

Companies trust the IT experts of LAN Masters in Sanford Florida to give them sound advice on issues like:

  • How soon will I have to replace my computers or servers?
  • What will an expansion or remote employees cost the company regarding technology?
  • What should I budget for technology in the next quarter – the next year?
  • How can I automate my systems and remove some manual steps for my employees?
  • Is there technology out there that can help me be more competitive?
  • Is my IT environment safe from hackers and malware?

There are another dozen questions like these that business executives in Sanford Florida need to be answered. That’s why leaders of growing enterprises lean on the IT consulting expertise of LAN Masters.

Let us help your company get more out of it’s IT investment! Give us a call now at (407) 409-7519 or send us an email at

If you’re looking for Computer Voodoo in Orlando, and you need more than a fix to a computer problem or the setup of hardware and software, give the IT team of LAN Masters a call. We can help you take your company to the next plateau of growth by providing you with secure, stable systems that are tailored to your internal workflow and managed for continual peak performance.

Get on the road to success with LAN Masters Inc.

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