Taking a “boots on the ground” approach to Harvey, Irma, and disaster recovery, Datto made recovery efforts a lot less stressful for MSPs and the businesses they support.

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Hurricane Irma rocked Florida this past September, leaving thousands of businesses at the mercy of their disaster recovery plans – LAN Masters included. With the storm about to make landfall, businesses across much of Florida kicked their disaster prep into high gear, doing everything they could to secure their physical and digital assets – some with a little help from an unexpected source.

When Hurricane Sandy hit, Norwalk, Conn.-based Datto stepped in to help out New England businesses recover from the effects of the massive superstorm. That experience dealing with disaster recovery on a huge scale gave Datto the experience they needed to help businesses in Texas and Florida, with a few differences.

Hurricane Harvey was the first deployment of Datto‘s Disaster Response Team, which had teams heading to Texas before the storm had even hit. Their plan was to set up a Datto Recovery base camp, offering resources and support before, during, and after the hurricane passed through the area. Working in four-person units that rotated out after a week at ground zero, Datto repeated the same tactics here in Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma.

Armed with networking and business continuity gear, the Disaster Response Team (DRT) worked with their MSP partners to get their businesses up and running again as quickly as possible once priorities shifted from survival to rebuilding.

By bringing a few van loads of technicians and equipment to Florida ahead of the storm, Datto was able to avoid one of the biggest roadblocks to speedy disaster recovery – the often treacherous supply chain victims are left counting on in the days immediately following a disaster. Instead of contacting Datto for assistance and waiting for FedEx to be able to deliver replacement hardware or other items, the DRT could hand-deliver whatever their partners needed, as well as offering in-person technical assistance.

And that assistance wasn’t just limited to their MSP partners.

The Data Networking Appliance Datto released earlier in 2017 is a device that allows users to connect to the Internet from any location that has both electric power and a 4G LTE signal available. That way, even if local service providers haven’t restored connectivity, users can access their cloud-based data backups and other hosted resources, getting a head start on restoring their operations.

Datto handed out these devices to their MSP partners, as well as dropping them off at a number of other affected businesses. A few Data Networking Appliances even made it to shelters, giving both volunteers and storm victims much-needed online access. These devices were loaned out at no cost, with Datto simply asking that they be sent back to them once they were no longer needed.

Data Backups Are The Foundation Of A Good Disaster Recovery Plan

Hurricane Irma proved what MSP professionals have been telling their clients for years – reliable and up to date data backups are beyond critical. No matter how severe the physical damage to your business is after a disaster like a hurricane or flood hits, as long as all of your important data is stored somewhere safe and easily accessible, recovery is possible. Your data is your most valuable asset, and as long as you still have that, you can cobble together a temporary base of operations to keep your business afloat and taking care of your customers while you rebuild.

More often than not, it’s the lost productivity and resulting lost profits that sink businesses after a disaster. Cloud-based backups that you can access from anywhere minimize the downtime responsible for the bulk of the post-disaster damage that typical business faces. Resources like Datto‘s Data Networking Appliances make those backups even more important since this device lets you get back to work even before your Internet access is restored. A jumpstart on disaster recovery is invaluable.

An alarmingly high number of businesses who experience major data loss, regardless of the cause, never fully recover. More than half don’t recover at all, closing their doors within six months of a data loss incident. What an event like Irma goes to show is that MSPs need to practice what they preach where data backups and recovery planning are concerned.

The LAN Masters team is very proud of the work we did leading up to and following Hurricane Irma that helped our clients weather the storm, both literally and figuratively. We’re also grateful for the hard work Datto put in, going above and beyond what any MSP would expect from a partner or vendor. That added support and access to extra hands and extra resources made a big difference for impacted businesses all over Florida and Texas.

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