Both hosted exchange and Office 365 are good choices to meet the needs of today’s business email users, however, Microsoft Office 365 offers quite a few additional benefits that you won’t find using Hosted Exchange alone for your business email.

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Advantages of hosted exchange for small business

Both programs are based in the Cloud, and as such, they offer a good many tools that both employees and business owners will appreciate. Your email system will work fine on both platforms, so why switch to Office 365?

Outlook is the long-used email client incorporated into the Office suite of programs and many workers have used it for years. It’s handy because it’s part of Office 365, so it has a similar look and feel as the other Microsoft programs. If you’ve used MS Word, you’re probably familiar with the ribbon and you know where certain commands can be found. Even if you’ve never used Outlook before, you could get up to speed in no time. The Internet is full of great articles and videos about how to get the most out of Outlook, how to use all the little tips and tricks, etc. These facts make this a more desirable email program than many others.

Though new users are often a bit reluctant to change over to any new program, Outlook could easily become the best email program you’ve ever used. Once you learn the ins and outs, you can soar through your Inbox like a pro. There are many other great reasons to migrate over from Hosted Exchange to Microsoft Office 365.

Reason #1: Streamline the workflow

The workplace of the future is all about eliminating unnecessary steps and tiresome jobs. When things are streamlined using today’s latest technology, more real work gets done and people experience less fatigue. That’s one of the big reasons why so many organizations are moving into the Cloud and adopting Microsoft Office 365 as their main suite of productivity programs. The Cloud allows people to work from any location using any device. And Office 365 allows users to move effortlessly from creating a Word document to sending an email or updating an Excel spreadsheet.

In times past, only big companies with a huge budget could afford those really great productivity programs. But Microsoft has leveled the playing field, making Office 365 affordable and accessible to anyone. Whether you run a small mom-and-pop company or a Fortune 500 company, you can get the same amazing programs.

Reason#2: Do more with less

Do you need to make life a little easier for your employees while not spending a fortune to do so? Office 365 gives you the tools to accomplish your goals. Unlike with Hosted Exchange, you get more bang for your buck. You get the same great benefits of Hosted Exchange along with a scalable email service that is cost-effective and reliable. Just as with Hosted Exchange, Office 365 lets you share contacts and calendars instantly across your business.

Surveys and studies have found that Office 365 is just as effective for small groups of employees working from one location as larger groups working from various locations. This is important to business owners today since the workforce is now so mobile. Many companies allow employees to work from home or other locations.

Reason #3: The cost

For small businesses, a local exchange server is simply out of the question due to the cost. With the wide range of good businesses now offering outsourced IT services, this has stopped being such an obstacle. If you have a company handling all your IT needs, then you can compete with the big brands. For some business owners, that makes it a harder decision to move all work over to Office 365. Remember that every company needs a reliable program to handle word processing and spreadsheets. There’s really not a better suite of programs for that than Office 365.

Most business owners talk about the low cost of getting set up on a Hosted Exchange. But this is also true with MS Office 365. With no hardware to purchase and low monthly payments, it suits the wallet of many smaller companies. The cost usually includes data backups, security to protect your computers, upgrades, support, and any other IT needs a company might have.

Reason #4: Ease of migration

Migrating over to Office 365 is fairly straightforward. There’s nothing to install. It’s a simple process that can be completed without causing a huge disruption to your staff. Most small business owners appreciate the security and flexibility offered by Microsoft products.

Whether your company is using Exchange Server 2016, 2013, 2010, or 2007, the process of migration is much the same. Plus, you’ll enjoy full control over how, when, and what is migrated. The procedure can be completed in batches or all at once; it doesn’t matter. And, there are no worries about duplicates or omissions. With just a few steps required to complete the process, your business can be migrated securely and in real-time.

Below, are a few of the components that can be migrated:

  • Emails and shared mailboxes
  • Your calendar
  • All contacts and groups
  • Folders
  • Delegations and permissions
  • Online archives
  • Much more

Reason #5: Collaboration

Today’s businesses run non-stop and are often involved in global sales, services, and operations. This presents a real headache anytime there’s a new software program to learn or new hardware to adjust to. Microsoft gives you a whole suite of programs that businesses at any location can use. Even if your company is going through a merger, the workflow will move forward without interruption.

Your company can also enjoy full interoperability between Exchange, G Suite, and Office 365. This is a huge plus when considering the impact of a merger on your day-to-day operations. There’s typically no downtime and most workers today already know how to use Microsoft programs. If they don’t, there’s a huge volume of online training available for those employees who need it.

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