LAN Masters President Mike Della Pia is excited to announce that LAN Masters is now a member of the Greater Sanford Chamber of Commerce. Joining the Chamber means joining a thriving business community, and gives Mike and the LAN Masters team an amazing opportunity to meet other business owners in the area, and build professional relationships both in and out of the IT world.

Greater Sanford Regional Chamber of Commerce

It’s all but impossible for a business to grow and succeed without making an effort to become an active part of the local community. Having the ability to network, share resources, and branch out into new industries makes all the difference as the local business community continues to evolve. Becoming a Chamber member means improving the way LAN Masters brings services and solutions to existing clients, and an opportunity to reach new clients.

How The Greater Sanford Chamber of Commerce Helps The Community

Since 1920, the Greater Sanford Chamber of Commerce has had a singular goal in mind – fostering a dynamic business climate that will improve the quality of life for members of the community, and improve the community as a whole. Over the past few decades, the Chamber has undergone some big changes, granting members an active voice in both local and state communities.

Greater Sanford encompasses Seminole, West Volusia, and Orange Counties, extending the reach of members well past the cities they are based in. With members ranging from healthcare and municipal organizations to small local businesses, there is no shortage of dynamic and unique businesses for members to learn from and engage with within the Chamber.

LAN Masters could not be happier to be a part of this community and looks forward to the experiences and opportunities this membership will provide.

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