LAN Masters Offers High-Quality Managed IT Services To Businesses In Orlando And Central Florida

This allows business leaders to manage their company and not have to fuss over internet issues, lost connections, or data loss. LAN Masters allows you to focus on running your business.

Fully Managed IT Services

We offer fully managed IT service with ESET antivirus protection and eFolder for data backup. This is complete coverage for all of your IT needs. With fully managed services your team has the power to do business from any internet connection.

By offering full data backup, LAN Masters enables your business to quickly recover should there be a data loss event. With eFolder, you gain access to world-class encryption, file sharing, and data recovery.

LAN Masters’ Managed IT Services Team Takes Your Technology Seriously

In today’s business marketplace, there are very few borders. LAN Masters managed IT services allow you to have access to emerging technology so that your system is always secure.

You gain insider information from a team of professionals who know IT inside and out. We can evaluate your system on a regular basis, provide simple to understand feedback so that you and your team can make an informed decision about your technology. By understanding how technology changes, you can position your business to take advantage of new opportunities. You gain all of this through our managed IT services. LAN Masters views the relationship with each client as a partnership. As such, your businesses is important to us.

For more information about how LAN Masters managed IT services can benefit your company, just contact us by calling (407) 409-7519 or send an email to