Mike is the President of LAN Masters, Inc. and Computer Voodoo, and the Managing Partner of The Nutty Peanut here in Sanford FL – but there’s so much more to know about Mike.

Originally from South Plainfield New Jersey, Mike graduated from high school there in 1990. Mike’s been interested in computers since he was a child, and has owned nearly every version of a computer you can think of such as the original Tandy TRS-80 and Commodore 64. That’s why, fresh out of high school, Mike dove right into the business IT world as the IT specialist at his father’s business Art Mold and Polishing, while at the same time, continuing his education at Avtech Institute of Technology. There, he received certifications in CompTIA A+, Microsoft MCP, MCSA, and MCSE.

It wasn’t long before Mike had gained the experience needed to embark on the next chapter of his life – starting his own business. So, he purchased the local franchise Geeks On Call, and set up his first location in Orlando. Within seven years, Mike owned seven similar franchises of – all the top Geeks On Call franchises in the U.S. Corporate frequently asked Mike to travel and speak to other franchise owners around the country because of how successful he was and even included a “Della Pia Method” in their new franchise owner’s manual.

However, Mike didn’t stop there, deciding to sell his franchises and start LAN Masters in order to serve businesses in and around the Orlando area. As successful as LAN Masters was — and continues to be today — in helping local businesses to overcome their IT challenges, Mike saw that there was still room to grow. He noticed a lot of potential business in the people that came to LAN Masters looking for help with their home computers. Never one to miss an opportunity, Mike decided to set up a residential arm of LAN Masters: Computer Voodoo.

Enough about Mike’s IT expertise though, there’s a lot more to him. Did you know he’s a peanut butter connoisseur? He purchases various brands of peanut butter from all over the world to try. At any one time, you can find at least 20 to 30 different jars of peanut butter in his home. Originally, Mike set up a website to rate and review various types of peanut butter – but as an entrepreneur, Mike wanted to do more, and so, he decided to make his own brand of peanut butter, The Nutty Peanut. When he’s not making peanut butter or managing his IT businesses he goes to food events and serves his peanut butter sandwiches and s’mores for folks to try. At this point, Mike is ready to move his peanut butter business to a new space so he can produce more and wholesale to the various businesses that want to sell his products. The Nutty Peanut is also set to open Florida’s first peanut butter café in Sanford FL, inside Henry’s Depot Culinary Collective which is set to open summer 2018.

That said, don’t get the wrong impression. Mike’s IT experience and love of peanut butter may make it sound like all he does is fix computers and eat all day, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, Mike is an active marathon runner and group leader for Track Shack’s Marathonfest. He’s completed a total of 13 full marathon races around the world, in Germany, Iceland, London, Oregon, New Jersey and throughout Florida. He’s planning to run in the Tokyo Marathon 2019 next. After completing this, he’ll run in the Boston Marathon where he will have met his goal of completing the 6-Star Abbot World Majors.

If you’re starting to think this is a lot for one man to handle, you’re right. From the multiple businesses to the global marathon career, Mike has a lot on his plate. You may be asking yourself, “where does Mike get his energy and drive from?”

The simple truth is that he’s one of these people who thrive on productivity and achievement and without much sleep. Mike is up at 3:15 a.m. every morning and runs eight to 12 miles. He’s always looking for the next opportunity to learn, grow, expand, and improve, an undeniable hallmark of successful business leaders in today’s fast-paced IT industry.

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