LAN Masters offers service and care for personal computers and mobile devices.

LAN Masters partners with Computer Voodoo, for all of our residential computer services. Our relationship with Computer Voodoo is less of a subcontracting situation and more of an external department of LAN Masters. With Computer Voodoo, you get all of the best services and commitment that you do with LAN Masters with more of an emphasis on Residential computer care and services.

We help people in Central Florida by offering:

  • Virus and Spyware detection and removal – Including proper installation of antivirus and anti malware programs.
  • PC or Mac repairs and maintenance – Including upgrades, certificates, and security
  • Setting up, monitoring, and troubleshooting both wired and wireless networks – We offer tools to improve the security and speed of your entire network.
  • Annual maintenance for Laptops, Desktops, and Mobile Devices
  • Data Backup and Recovery – both onsite and remotely
  • New Computer Setup and Data Transfer from your old computer
  • Home office set up with centralized printer installation and setup too
  • Email recovery and setup – Small business and personal Email
  • Comprehensive, but easy to understand training – For small businesses or one-on-one.
  • Consultations  – A perfect service when you need to understand the IT issues that you face, how much it will cost to repair or upgrade, and whether or not this is the right system for your needs.

LAN Masters understands that personal computers and home computers play an integral role in running a household, entertainment, and communicating with friends and family. As such, we work fast and accurately to make sure that your home computers are always in top shape. We service a wide area around Orlando, Florida.

We encourage questions. We speak to you in normal English so you can understand what we say, what terms mean, and can then make an informed decision about how to care for or replace your computer.

To learn more contact LAN Masters Inc. at (407) 409_-7519 or send an email to

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