I guess Soap Box Derby racing is on my mind because tomorrow is the City Championship Race down at Derby Park.

But if you think about it, there are strong parallels that can be drawn between Soap Box Derby racing and the delivery of IT services to businesses here in Sanford Florida.

You Have To Get Your Design Right

In both soap box racing and business IT networks, the design is the foundation of good performance. Without a good design, you’ve lost the race before you’ve even begun. And let’s not kid ourselves, IT design is a race too. If your IT system is slow, it shaves precious percentage points off of your productivity. Your competition is all too happy to take up the slack and use their optimized IT environments to gain the competitive advantage.

With the complexity of the IT assets in use in your business, it’s never been more important to ensure that your network and cloud asset design is geared for speed and efficiency.

You Have To Follow The Rules

Just take a look at the Central Florida Soap Box Derby website, and you’ll discover that you can’t bring just any vehicle down to the derby and expect to be able to race. There are rules that level the playing field and give all competitors a fighting chance at first place.

Do you know what the IT rules are for industry standards and legislative compliance?

Do you know what rules hackers and international cybercrime syndicates are breaking to steal vital information from Sanford Florida businesses just like yours?

Without knowing what the IT standards are and what the bad guys are doing, it’s next to impossible to be ready to compete and keep your business secure.

You Have to Have People On Your Side

From the first day of Soap Box car construction to the final heat of the last race, you need people that are going to help you build your car, maintain your car, stay in your lane, observe the competition’s tactics, and get across the finish line.

Having a Sanford FL IT services company on your side gives you the support structure you need to maintain your business technology and stay competitive. Every service offered by Sanford FL IT services providers such as LAN Masters is designed to give you and your team the technical support you need to be efficient and productive.

You Have to Be Innovative

Every soap box racer wants to win. To do so, they look carefully at what others are doing and find tiny ways to improve on the status-quo. By shaving off a few ounces here and reducing drag just a little there, the racer is able to squeeze a little extra momentum out of his soap box derby car.

Don’t you want the same for your business? For a mid-size business like yours, a few percentage points of productivity means an added tens of thousands of dollars to your annual bottom line. So innovation is definitely worth the investment. LAN Masters specializes in executive IT consulting that delivers a smoother workflow and in some cases completely transforms work processes.

You Have to Be Ready for the Cheaters

I know that no one wants to say it, but yes, even here in Sanford FL, there are soap box derby contestants that don’t want to follow the rules. Even some that may stoop to tinkering and sabotage of their competitor’s soap box cars.

In reality, these events are few and far between in the friendly sport of soap box racing, but in the dark world of cybercrime, cheaters are everywhere. Hiring an IT services company to protect your Sanford FL business from hackers, ransomware, spyware, adware, and internal technology tampering is the smart way to protect your team from the bad guys.

You Have to Maintain Your Soap Box Car

Grease the wheels, tighten the bolts, check your harness, go over the steering…

It’s all part of a smart maintenance program.

And it’s not something that you do once and then forget about it.

Maintenance – whether you’re speeding down a hill or doing business online – is something that you cannot leave to chance. Maintenance has to be done, and IT systems have to be monitored, or the damage could be catastrophic for you. When IT maintenance of essential productivity and security monitoring isn’t done, companies are at risk of losing their good reputation, stockholders are at risk of losing their investment returns, and clients are at risk of losing their confidential data. – No one but the criminals win when you don’t have someone caring for your maintenance and doing continuous IT monitoring.

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