The purpose of a wall is to keep the bad guys out. But what good is a wall that hasn’t been maintained? The 13,171 miles of the Great Wall of China was built to keep enemies out and to funnel travelers toward border crossings where duties could be levied on the goods traveling along the Silk Road.

Is the Great Wall of China still keeping the bad guys out today?

Not really.

It’s a fantastic landmark – the only manmade structure you can see from outer space – and a valuable tourist attraction.

But it’s defensive capability has been diminished and forgotten.

Archaeologists tell us that much of the Great Wall of China lies in forgotten disrepair.

It’s no longer keeping the bad guys out.


The progression of time, the advancement of new warfare technologies, and the lack of maintenance of the wall itself have conspired to move this once formidable defensive bulwark into a tourism landmark.

Who Is Maintaining Your SonicWALL Hardware And Software In Orlando?

SonicWALL devices depend on consistent maintenance and management to be at their best.

And you WANT your SonicWALL to do its job.

The alternative is catastrophic.

Without consistent network protection from your SonicWall device, your business could fall victim to unauthorized hacker access, spyware, malware, and ransomware.

We don’t want that to happen to you!

So, to keep your SonicWALL from meeting the same “tourist attraction” status (read this as, “good for nothing but to sit on a shelf”) as the Great Wall of China, you have to have someone maintain its software and settings and monitor its function.

That’s where the SonicWALL specialists of LAN Masters come into the picture.

We do computers so that you can do business!

What Do You Know About SonicWall Support?

An Orlando company that provides management and maintenance of SonicWall hardware and associated software is invaluable to businesses like yours.


Because management, maintenance, and monitoring of SonicWALL technology ensure that it is configured to meet and combat the cyber threats of today and is prepared to face off against the horizon-level threats of tomorrow.

LAN Masters specializes in caring for all your SonicWall support needs! Your Orlando business can be protected by a high level of firewall security without any worries about intrusions or viruses that may impact the performance of your network.

  • SonicWall Firewall Support
  • SonicWall SSL VPN Support
  • SonicWall Email Security Support

What Advantages Does SonicWall Management, Maintenance, and Monitoring Give to Your Company?

  • Increased speed to and from websites
  • More robust security against intrusion and malware
  • Protection for your wireless network
  • Speedier connectivity when logged on to your network with your laptop or mobile device
  • Superior end-user experience
  • Improved network traffic through properly managed SonicWall configurations

Lan Masters Is Ready To Help You Get The Highest In Performance And Protection From Your SonicWall Hardware and Software

Our technicians aren’t just people that have run into SonicWall devices in the course of managing the business technology of Orlando companies. Our expertise is drawn from specific training on SonicWALL technologies.

  • Our technicians stay current with best practice for SonicWALL hardware.
  • You get an entire team on your side that understands how business processes are aided by proper SonicWALL configuration and monitoring.
  • You benefit from both SonicWALL management and overall IT systems management that puts your uptime as top

SonicWall Services Offered by the LAN Masters Team

  • SonicWALL Troubleshooting
  • SonicWALL Management
  • SonicWALL Firewall Configuration
  • SonicWALL VPN Configuration and Setup

What Do You Know About SonicWALL Products?

SonicWALL SSL-VPN Series

  • Web browser access to files, email, intranets, and applications
  • Complaint with the majority of current network topologies
  • Makes access to corporate network assets affordable
  • Clientless remote network
  • Application access

TZ Network Security Appliance Series

  • Ideal for remote offices and satellite branches
  • A Unified Threat Management firewall
  • Designed for small business

The SonicOS Network Security Platform

  • The operating system for SonicWALL
  • Leverages deep packet inspection functionality
  • Has multi-core architecture that boosts performance

SSL VPN Secure Remote Access Appliances

  • Intended for small to mid-size organizations
  • Allows remote access and support
  • Makes it possible for employees, vendors, and other authorized individuals to access what they need from the corporate network securely

SonicWALL Enforced Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware

Ensures that the connection nodes of your wireless system, as well as the endpoints of your physical network, are protected by up-to-date antivirus.

How Do You Know If Your SonicWALL Configurations Are Up To Date?

If you haven’t had a SonicWALL configuration specialist look at your firewall setup and function, your SonicWALL security protocols may be out of date. To ensure that your SonicWALL appliances have the most recent security updates and are configured to allow for the optimal traffic flow for your business processes, it’s important to bring in personnel that is proficient in SonicWALL technology. LAN Masters is the IT support company here in Orlando that is trusted by small to mid-size business. We’d be happy to take your call and talk with you.

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