LAN Masters is more than just an IT service business.

We are an innovative partner to each of our clients. We act differently from our competitors in that we do not simply sell you services. Instead, we think about your needs using logic and critical thinking. In so doing, we deliver ideas, solutions, and gateways so that our clients have access to the best tools, software, and hardware available. We do this to help you succeed at growing your business, finding new customers, improving the relationship you have with your existing customers, and to out-compete your competitors. When you succeed, we succeed.

Our Promise to You

  • We Constantly Look at Technology – software, hardware, and security – for ways to improve your network’s efficiency and security. This includes looking at upgrades, manufacturer patches, and emerging technology.
  • We Look at the Big Picture – We look beyond system performance to find IT solutions that improve the performance of your team. We help you build efficiency. When you work smart, you do more, you decrease costs, and you increase sales. We look at our relationship as part of your team.
  • No-Pressure Sales — We never sell you products – software, hardware, or services – that you do not need. We sell products that help you succeed and we do so by explaining to you what they are, how they work, and then allow you to make an informed decision about whether our offer fits into your business model.
  • Fast, Continuous Support — Our service tickets are addressed within the first hour they are submitted. We use only highly trained staff so your trouble ticket is always in good hands.

LAN Masters looks at the opportunities that are available to your business today, and into the future. We also look at past problems, the problems you face today, and the problems that you will face in the future. Our strategic IT consulting helps you overcome past problems but building better solutions today. We solve today’s problems so that your current customers see seamless services. We look ahead to the problems that are coming so that you can solve them before they materialize.

We see this as valuable because when you have no problems your energy is focused on:

  • Growing your business
  • Finding new markets
  • Developing new products and services,
  • Growing your revenue stream.

When you can do all of these things, we succeed too. How can we help you? Call LAN Masters Inc. at (407) 409_-7519 or send an email to

Get on the road to success with LAN Masters Inc.

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