Reliable & Professional IT Support In Orlando

Enjoy peace of mind with LAN Masters Inc.’s strong technology services that is backed by brilliant IT experts. Our devotion to your Orlando area business is just the first step.

Why Choose LAN Masters For Your IT Service And Solution Company?

We view our role as a partner to your business – When you succeed, we succeed. So we are not here to sell you services and equipment that you do not need or that you will not use. We are here to provide you IT services, software, and hardware that fits into your business’s strategy. We want you to succeed and we value long-term positive relationships with each of our clients.

Services and Problem-Solving:

  • Easy Ticket creation when you need help.
  • Response to service tickets within one hour after ticket submission.
  • No “geek Talk.” We speak to you in plain English every time because we need you to understand and be informed. We want you to make an informed decision about everything that impacts your business, even our service.
  • Need-Based Sales – We only sell and recommend products and services that you “need.” We provide information that you can understand, demonstrations so that you can see, and we work with you to develop the ongoing implementation of new and emerging technology.
  • Zero downtime — when our BDR solution is in place you are online 100 percent of the time. We realize that the success of your business means your site and services need to be available to your online customers 100 percent of the time.

We Have the Experience and know-how — LAN Masters has over 30 years of experience providing IT services and IT solutions to businesses. We have seen and understand how technology impacts the business cycles for each of our clients.

We invest in the knowledge of our team. That is why all of our technicians are industry certified, specialized and experienced. We not only insist on on-going education for certifications, we also make sure that our staff is riding the wave of emerging technology. We want to ensure that what we offer you is the freshest tools so you can run your business as efficiently as possible and that your team has all of the tools they need to help you succeed. We do this because we believe that when you succeed, we succeed too.

To learn more about LAN Masters Inc., call us at (407) 409-7519 or send an email to