With Hurricane Irma Churning in The Atlantic, is Your Hurricane Preparedness Checklist Where It Should Be? 

It’s been less than two weeks since Harvey made landfall on the Texas Coast, wreaking all sorts of havoc and devastation. And yet, Hurricane Irma has been upgraded to a Category 3 hurricane, looming in the Atlantic and poised to strike somewhere in the Southeastern United States. For Florida businesses, it’s a big wake-up call to have your hurricane preparedness checklist well in order.

This means not just the usual items in a hurricane checklist, such as emergency supplies, but also having that which will ensure your business entity’s survival should your brick-and-mortar offices get hit by the storm.

We believe that a good emergency preparedness kit needs to have solid disaster recovery planning along with it. That also generally means a business continuity plan that’s worth more than the paper it’s written on.

Our business continuity consultants are well-versed in how to advance beyond just disaster recovery planning to be able to strategize solid business continuity planning for businesses across Florida dealing with imminent disaster.

We all know what happens when a major hurricane strikes. And, we all know what happens in the wakes of those destructive storms when we don’t have an adequate hurricane preparedness list at the ready,

Yes, Disaster Recovery IS One of the Essentials

Your hurricane survival kit needs to have emergency supplies like food, fresh water, flashlights, etc., but it also needs to have a viable way for your business IT network to survive a Cat 4 or Cat 5 hurricane as well.

Our hurricane preparedness checklist plans well in advance of disastrous storms, and features these 4 major categories:

  1. Planning for the impact of disastrous events upon your business.
  2. Determining what your data and technology needs will be in the event of operations failure.
  3. How best to communicate your plan to employees and vendors.
  4. Collaboration on your plan with local government agencies, building management, etc.

Of course, many of us are caught up in the whirlwind of our lives and day-to-day business and don’t make time to plan for these very real and now all-too-commonplace disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, tropical storms, and the like.

Having a solid disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place should not be viewed as a luxury afforded by bigger enterprises.

Every small business needs to have the kind of business continuity plan in place which has a price tag far, far below the cost of an un-survivable disaster.

And, that’s precisely what LAN Masters Inc. offers our clients – disaster recovery and continuity planning in Orlando that acts as an ad hoc insurance policy against the probable jeopardy of a major hurricane.

Why You Need Business Continuity Management

It’s not just about having a plan in place, it’s about who’s going to manage the execution of that plan when disaster strikes. You need an experienced team of disaster analysts combined with IT specialists who can dial-in your BC plan to the most minute detail.

Also, various factors can alter a business continuity checklist in real time, and you need a tech support team that acts as an ongoing partner in your prosperity and survival who can help you adjust to changing business IT requirements.

  • Are you ready for hurricane preparedness that will ensure your business survives where others will falter? Review your Hurricane Preparedness Checklist now and contact us for more help.

How Our Expertise Will Enhance Your Operations

Our collective expertise allows us to offer the most vigilant IT support to small businesses and industries of all types who need a tireless guardian of their IT wellness.

That’s why we hire only the best, most-qualified tech support agents to be ambassadors of a higher standard of IT support services. It’s also why we choose our strategic partners and alliances wisely.

With our disaster preparedness and recovery specialists on the watch, you get:

  • Onsite IT Support
  • Email & Voicemail Support
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Network Security
  • Antivirus Protection
  • Cloud Technologies
  • 24/7 Help Desk Services
  • Computer Network Support
  • Computer Security Services
  • Microsoft Office 365 Migrations and Support – and more!

Our Managed IT Services are tailor-made for businesses who want to make sure their technology truly supports their business structure and goals. With our IT management and maintenance watchdogging your technology systems, you and your staff will experience fewer issues in using your computer technology.

And, where disaster planning and recovery are concerned, we can regularly deliver:

  • Around-the-clock management and monitoring of all your IT systems.
  • Improvement of your overall security and performance.
  • Ensuring your infrastructure’s stability and regulatory compliance.
  • Protecting your critical data and the security of your technology.
  • Performing regular preventative maintenance on your IT systems to thwart potential disasters.

With LAN Masters Inc. handling your IT support, your technology works for you, not against you. We will handle all your IT-related issues to your complete satisfaction for one flat-rate monthly fee, making certain your business’s productivity improves along with your IT systems.

Lock-In Hurricane Preparedness Today

Hurricane Irma is aimed right at Florida. The time to take action and ensure your business survival is now.

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